Friday, July 29, 2016

the battle

day two hundred and eleven: pregnant Shelbie vs Cleo
Ok before I tell you the reason behind this post, 
can I just say, 
isn't this the cutest??
We gave Cleo a stuffed animal to sleep with,
because she literally had to be touching something to fall asleep-
usually Ryan's foot-
and she cuddled with it at night,
but one day I came into the dining room and found her like this,
she had pulled the arms and legs up on her and they were like spooning!
I died...

But... that's the only upside of this post.
It turns out pregnant Shelbie is SUPER sensitive to smells...
and literally every dog smell makes me throw up.
I couldn't feed the puppy,
take the puppy out to the bathroom,
play with the puppy,
or go into the room where we kept puppies food 
(which also happens to be the only way downstairs...)
so... unfortunately we were more of a foster home for cute Cleo.
Another couple in our ward adopted her,
and we were sad to see her go...
but human baby had to win in this case. 

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