Sunday, May 29, 2016

there's a reason us owens' girls aren't crafty

day one hundred fifty: momma's birthday and baby Owen
my mom has had these fridge people for years, but we didn't have ryan, brian or baby mcneil.
plus one of the girls fell into the ice maker and lost her body.
so... lexi and i decided to make some for her.
we decided there is a real reason we don't paint haha
plus i got baby Owen cuddles...
isn't he to die for!
meh, i need one. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016


day one hundred forty-nine: house hunting.
here's a secret. 
we've been house hunting for the last month.
and we found one...
we LOVE.
here's to hoping it works out, unlike the last one. 
plus, we stopped by bear lake for shakes,
and had this view on the drive to vernal.
not a bad day.

Friday, May 27, 2016

parks and childhood

day one hundred forty-eight: summer sun
we like to go to the park and read,
especially in the beautiful weather we've been having.
ahh, i love summer
also... we attempted strawberries and cream today.
little did i know, it isn't really cream.
it is like melted ice cream,
not quite the same.

starting new

why i thought doing this was going to work
the world will never know.
however... i'm not quite ready to give up.

now there might not be a post every day,
cause, to be honest, our lives are just not that exciting.
but starting today,
i'm going to try to be a little better.

the missing months may get filled in eventually,
no promises though.