Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the world of walmart

day twenty-six: out of the house
i left the house for the first time,
by myself,
since like... the 1st.
it was a weird day haha
ryan worked from home because i woke up with a super fun headache
(that's a lie, it wasn't fun).
half way through the day we remembered we signed up to feed the missionaries,
but i didn't go grocery shopping on saturday...
so we had no food.

so i ran to the store really fast,
while there ryan text me saying they'd just be coming for dessert,
so we knew we had to make their favorite.

pumpking bars.
recipe found here
though i buy the smallest thing of whipping cream,
and after i make the top mixture,
i pour the rest on the cake to let it absorb it,
and we eat it cold...
it is soo good.

next time we make it i'll show you a picture.
we love it.

anyway, the missionaries came and we sent them home with a bunch.
one of them heads home on the 29th and will be living not far from us, 
weird eh?

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