Saturday, January 23, 2016

so much sugar

day twenty-three: basketball and dessert, so much dessert
these are the ellis' 
they are the cutest.
we like being friends with them.
they are in our ward.
they allow us to be social,
which we aren't good at.

anyway, we went on a double date with them
we went to a nba d-league basketball game.
the iowa energy.
we lost.

but the good news is we had so much sugar.
like so much.
we went to our new favorite dessert place,
strudl haus 
(also seen here, yes, we went twice in a week)
each couple got a napoleon, they got a strudl to share and we got something else...
it was soooo yummy.

thanks to them for social interactions and friendship.
we will miss them,
but they'll be in for an adventure of their own in the next few months,
and we will visit them oft'.
so yay for friends.

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