Tuesday, January 19, 2016

days off

day eighteen: last hurrah 
kansas city :)

ryan had today off, so i took today off,
yay online classes.
and we decided to go on our (probably) last day trip in iowa.
we headed back to kansas city,
for the third time,
because it is my favorite of all the cities we've been to.
also because there are some things we didn't get to do.
our first stop- the college basketball experience.
ryan was like a kid in a candy store,
it was the cutest thing ever.
we shot hoops, compared wingspan and jumping skills
and competed at passing games for about 2 hours
(he won all of them, go figure)
then we walked up the street,
in the middle of winter
because it was almost 30,
which is about 45 degrees warmer than des moines.
 and had lunch at jimmy johns before heading to the world war one museum.

we were able to see the outside of the museum last time we came to kc
but this time we went inside.
it was filled with history,
amazing and sad history.
half is from before we joined the war and the other have is after.
it took us nearly 4 hours to get all the way through,
and even then ryan could have stayed longer,
but my head was starting to hurt.
if you are ever there, and love history, i definitely suggest it.

next we went to ikea,
an unplanned stop but i'll never say no to an ikea trip.
we went with the thought of a new entertainment stand.
one we won't put together until we are in utah,
mostly because i don't like ours and it doesn't fit our tv. 
we made it half way through the second floor when we found the desks and chairs,
thing ryan will need when working from home,
so we stopped to look.
next thing we know we are writing down part numbers, 
running out to measure our trunk/back seat,
and running back through the whole store.
only to find out that there is one part of the tv stand that isn't there.
we did however end up with a desk and chair.
yay for being all set up for when ryan's working at home
yay for ryan working at home!
this whole sending him to work every day thing stinks

we didn't make it home until about 11:30,
and ryan had to work at 8,
he's such a trooper.

anyway, congrats if you made it to the end of the super long, rambling post.
you deserve a cookie.

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