Thursday, January 21, 2016


day twenty-one: crazy
i don't always use doterra oils,
but when i do...
it is because i am feeling more than slightly overwhelmed,
and if there is a chance it is going to help,
it is worth it.
does it actually help?
no idea.

all the sudden i realized,
i haven't cleaned our bathroom in two weeks,
our kitchen in a solid ten days,
there are not two, not three, but four loads of clean laundry i have yet to fold,
our tables are dusty,
our cabinets need to be wiped down,
i have the crazy urge to rearrange our bedroom
(i won't give in, don't worry).
we move in a month and a week,
and not one thing is packed-
except the stuff we never unpacked.
then i realize,
we never even unpacked all the way,
and now we are moving.
we are never going to get moved in anywhere...

and then...
chaos starts.

and my brain cannot focus on school,
though there are two papers i need to write.

yay brains.  

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