Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'cause sharks stink

day thirteen: the divas
the title of the post probably only makes sense to ryan,
that's ok.
i didn't really have the motivation to take a picture today,
sorry 'bout it.
but while on facebook i did happen across this.
i love the dating divas.
they have tons of fun/random date ideas,
group date ideas, 
the post monthly ideas of little ways to show your love,
they have cute printables.
they are just cute and fun.
they also have some posts that make ya blush,
if you know what i mean,
so... fair warning.
But they are doing a 30 days of love challenge that ends on valentine's day,
they post the 'prompts' on Instagram each day
you can do some, or all, or none,
that's the nice part
and i thought it would be fun to share...

so here's a link
and... yeah that's all.


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