Sunday, January 31, 2016

completely unrelated

day thirty-one: mostly cause i forgot
 we didn't have much to do, 
so we didn't do much,
thus there were no pictures...

so here are some videos of my cutest husband from a few weeks ago.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

cause really

day thirty: isn't he the cutest
i'm ok with saturdays that look like this...
blankets and cute husband.

Friday, January 29, 2016

date nights for adults

day twenty-nine: kids movies
husband took me to noodles and company,
he must love me.
then we went to family video,
basically blockbuster,
to get movies.
the bad part is that kids movies are free there...
so we always end up with some.
today we got the lego movie and the little mermaid
(plus we bought how to train your dragon 2... 
because it is too cute)
the lady thought we were crazy.

don't worry we also rented adult movies ahha

Thursday, January 28, 2016

days. hours. minutes.

day twenty-eight: moves
this is happening.
we have so much to do...


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

greens, greens, nothing but greens

from into the woods... before i saw the second half and it was weird.
day twenty-seven: breakfast
friends from high school will tell you,
i have a strange love for spinach smoothies,
they are my favorite.

to help with my new year's goal to eat more veggies
and help with exercising,
this is my normal breakfast.
and it is the best.
also it doesn't hurt my cankers 
(all three of them. stupid mouth)
mostly because i don't have to chew.

yay for green smoothies.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the world of walmart

day twenty-six: out of the house
i left the house for the first time,
by myself,
since like... the 1st.
it was a weird day haha
ryan worked from home because i woke up with a super fun headache
(that's a lie, it wasn't fun).
half way through the day we remembered we signed up to feed the missionaries,
but i didn't go grocery shopping on saturday...
so we had no food.

so i ran to the store really fast,
while there ryan text me saying they'd just be coming for dessert,
so we knew we had to make their favorite.

pumpking bars.
recipe found here
though i buy the smallest thing of whipping cream,
and after i make the top mixture,
i pour the rest on the cake to let it absorb it,
and we eat it cold...
it is soo good.

next time we make it i'll show you a picture.
we love it.

anyway, the missionaries came and we sent them home with a bunch.
one of them heads home on the 29th and will be living not far from us, 
weird eh?

Monday, January 25, 2016


day twenty-five: fhe with two
i'll be the first to admit,
having fhe with just the two of us,
isn't the most exciting.

but tonight, we made curry,
played a game
(ryan picked this one because "he can win it"
aka it isn't a dice game, because i'm really lucky at those)
and it was great fun.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


day twenty-four: husband's a chef
ryan's a champ,
my mouth and i have been in a major fight this week,
and it is winning
(this means cankers if you didn't know)
and i've had no energy, because i can't sleep.
so he made dinner,
pad thai.
it was yummy.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

so much sugar

day twenty-three: basketball and dessert, so much dessert
these are the ellis' 
they are the cutest.
we like being friends with them.
they are in our ward.
they allow us to be social,
which we aren't good at.

anyway, we went on a double date with them
we went to a nba d-league basketball game.
the iowa energy.
we lost.

but the good news is we had so much sugar.
like so much.
we went to our new favorite dessert place,
strudl haus 
(also seen here, yes, we went twice in a week)
each couple got a napoleon, they got a strudl to share and we got something else...
it was soooo yummy.

thanks to them for social interactions and friendship.
we will miss them,
but they'll be in for an adventure of their own in the next few months,
and we will visit them oft'.
so yay for friends.

Friday, January 22, 2016


day twenty two: temples
I've attempted to be creative lately.
Here were today's attempts.

Though I'd love some more ideas.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


day twenty-one: crazy
i don't always use doterra oils,
but when i do...
it is because i am feeling more than slightly overwhelmed,
and if there is a chance it is going to help,
it is worth it.
does it actually help?
no idea.

all the sudden i realized,
i haven't cleaned our bathroom in two weeks,
our kitchen in a solid ten days,
there are not two, not three, but four loads of clean laundry i have yet to fold,
our tables are dusty,
our cabinets need to be wiped down,
i have the crazy urge to rearrange our bedroom
(i won't give in, don't worry).
we move in a month and a week,
and not one thing is packed-
except the stuff we never unpacked.
then i realize,
we never even unpacked all the way,
and now we are moving.
we are never going to get moved in anywhere...

and then...
chaos starts.

and my brain cannot focus on school,
though there are two papers i need to write.

yay brains.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

mini chocolate chips

day twenty: cookies
today was a day,
when i needed cookies.

cookies were made.
it was that exciting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

hot chocolate

day ninteen: warm
husband is secretly really good at making hot chocolate,
like really good.
so he has to make it every time i want it...
i say it is a fair trade,
even if he doesn't 

days off

day eighteen: last hurrah 
kansas city :)

ryan had today off, so i took today off,
yay online classes.
and we decided to go on our (probably) last day trip in iowa.
we headed back to kansas city,
for the third time,
because it is my favorite of all the cities we've been to.
also because there are some things we didn't get to do.
our first stop- the college basketball experience.
ryan was like a kid in a candy store,
it was the cutest thing ever.
we shot hoops, compared wingspan and jumping skills
and competed at passing games for about 2 hours
(he won all of them, go figure)
then we walked up the street,
in the middle of winter
because it was almost 30,
which is about 45 degrees warmer than des moines.
 and had lunch at jimmy johns before heading to the world war one museum.

we were able to see the outside of the museum last time we came to kc
but this time we went inside.
it was filled with history,
amazing and sad history.
half is from before we joined the war and the other have is after.
it took us nearly 4 hours to get all the way through,
and even then ryan could have stayed longer,
but my head was starting to hurt.
if you are ever there, and love history, i definitely suggest it.

next we went to ikea,
an unplanned stop but i'll never say no to an ikea trip.
we went with the thought of a new entertainment stand.
one we won't put together until we are in utah,
mostly because i don't like ours and it doesn't fit our tv. 
we made it half way through the second floor when we found the desks and chairs,
thing ryan will need when working from home,
so we stopped to look.
next thing we know we are writing down part numbers, 
running out to measure our trunk/back seat,
and running back through the whole store.
only to find out that there is one part of the tv stand that isn't there.
we did however end up with a desk and chair.
yay for being all set up for when ryan's working at home
yay for ryan working at home!
this whole sending him to work every day thing stinks

we didn't make it home until about 11:30,
and ryan had to work at 8,
he's such a trooper.

anyway, congrats if you made it to the end of the super long, rambling post.
you deserve a cookie.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

all the foods

day seventeen: this is worse than an instagram account
i made a real life sunday dinner.
(that doesn't usually happen)
a roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy.
secret confession:
i only like mashed potatoes that are
one part potato,
two parts sour cream.
(it is a texture thing)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

the night we were german

day sixteen: sweet tooth
this picture is actually from yesterday,
because i forgot to take a picture of the other dessert we got.
last night on the way home, 
we drove by this little pastry shop that we always drive by,
and we decided to stop and get something.

we had the other part today,
they were both yummy.

Friday, January 15, 2016

the reads

day fifteen: libraries
ry and i went to the library today.
he didn't really have a choice,
i was his ride home.
we used to go to the library quite often when we moved here, 
but haven't in a while.
i usually have a huge list of books i want to get,
and they never have them,
so today i just wandered the isles until something caught my eye...
i'll let you know if i like any of them.

also: can you guess which two are ryan's and which ones are mine...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

happy man

day fourteen: basketball
you'll never meet a happier camper than this boy
especially if basketball is involved.
we went over to the church to play volleyball with some of our friends,
and after refusing him last week
this boy was more than happy to shoot hoops for an hour.
so he shot lots of shots and i entertained him for about twenty minutes,
then i went to play the piano.

all in all, i say it was a fair trade.

i did jam three fingers and bruise a few others during volleyball,
yay coordination. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'cause sharks stink

day thirteen: the divas
the title of the post probably only makes sense to ryan,
that's ok.
i didn't really have the motivation to take a picture today,
sorry 'bout it.
but while on facebook i did happen across this.
i love the dating divas.
they have tons of fun/random date ideas,
group date ideas, 
the post monthly ideas of little ways to show your love,
they have cute printables.
they are just cute and fun.
they also have some posts that make ya blush,
if you know what i mean,
so... fair warning.
But they are doing a 30 days of love challenge that ends on valentine's day,
they post the 'prompts' on Instagram each day
you can do some, or all, or none,
that's the nice part
and i thought it would be fun to share...

so here's a link
and... yeah that's all.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

brand new

day twelve: upgrade
ryan and i got new phones last night.
needless to say we played with the for like two hours,
and by "we", i mostly mean ryan.
he's such a cute little nerd.
ps nerd is not mean,
i really think he is so cute when he's "geek"ing out.
this is a lot different than my old phone.
it was a 4s that has been cracked for 6 months.
so yay for new phones haha

Monday, January 11, 2016

and so it begins

day eleven: the start
school started today.
sixteen credits of online classes.
plus, moving halfway across the country (again) mid-semester.
i may be a crazy person.

for those who don't know,
i changed my major... again.
to communicative disorders and deaf education.
yay for starting over
-hopefully for the last time-

also i tried to braid my hair in a halo (? a whole circle)
it didn't work and lasted about six seconds after this picture.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

hairs on my head

day ten: attempts
this is my second attempt at a headband braid... 
it is getting better, kind of.
my mom is pro at braiding and i loved it growing up,
so i'm attempting to learn how before we have children.

in other news, we have nine o'clock church now,
we were almost on time.

and we got a nap.
that's like the best thing ever.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

double trouble

day nine: showering of babies
ok that name "showering of babies" makes this sound really weird.
what the real meaning is, i went to a baby shower.
a joint shower.
so double presents, double target bags, double fun.
yay babies!
we were supposed to bring our favorite things for after having a baby...
i've never had a baby.
but i love journals, and this one is quick and to the point,
which is good for moms right?
so i decided to go with that. 

then ryan and i went to celebrate a birthday with some of our friends.
it was a strangely social day for me.

Friday, January 8, 2016


day eight: food
this week ryan and i both learned something
i am surprisingly good at eating veggies,
if i have dip.
i don't even use it half the time,
but it is there.
soooo... hello my veggie friends. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


day seven: frosted
we woke up this morning to fog and frozen rain.
ryan's working from home-
mostly due to a cold.
how do we luck our the stomach flu and a cold all in one week,
go us.

also, i'm spending the day cleaning today.
someone is coming to look at the apartment.
cross your fingers

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the second round

day six (round two): paper chains
in probably more exciting news
ryan and i made a paper chain today-
yes we are five year olds and that's ok.
in just fifty-five days we will be shutting our apartment door for the last time
and driving to utah.
in fifty-five short days, we'll be going home,
for good this time.

one at a time

day six: habits
i know, i know.
it is the new year.
everyone has these big fabulous plans of things they're going to change,
places they are going to see, habits they're going to start.
and most of them will fail. 
it's cruel to think, to predict, to assume.
but it is true.
i can say this because i've been there.
this year i decided to approach it a little differently.
i've decided to try adding things in one at a time.
accomplishing one thing, consistently, for two weeks or more,
then adding something else. 
this week i'm adding journaling.
something i miss.
something that's important.

so... that's a long story. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

yoga mat

day five: change
after three days of not moving more than about ten feet off the couch.
working out sounded surprisingly great,
and i can move again:
which i couldn't most of last week... yay for being out of shape and sore.

Monday, January 4, 2016

support system

day four: at home
ryan worked from home today, because i wasn't feeling too hot still.
i'm so thankful that he has a job where this is a possibility.
he's so good to me and does so much for me.
i'm kinda in love with that guy.

plus, we booked our anniversary getaway.
i told him it makes me feel old to have an anniversary,
but i'm ok with it.
i can hardly believe it has almost been a year already. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

the day we didn't move

day three: home
well... the stomach bug caught ryan yesterday and me today.
we didn't move from our couch most of the day.
thank heaven for pepto bismol and gatorade. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

early mornings

day two: before the alarm
with plans to go kansas city to go to the temple,
our alarm was set for 5:30.
unfortunately, the stomach flu beat it here.

Friday, January 1, 2016

the start

here is a place where i'll track our year, for our sake much more than yours. i'll write down memories and moments, thoughts and decisions, and so much more. it probably won't be exciting to you, but that's really okay.

day one: a fresh start
we spent the first day of this year doing laundry and sorting through things to take to goodwill.
we are that exciting.

Also, I just realized this is a leap year, so it is actually 366... I guess that just means I get one free day if I miss